Kyle is from the Central District of Seattle, Washington. He’s the son of a single mother, a minister who raised her three sons in church- where Kyle discovered music. He began piano at age 6, and was installed as the organist at the church his family attended at only age 7. It was the rigorous and complex musicality of gospel music that would become his musical foundation, one that would serve him well later in his musical life. A musician since an early age, Kyle didn’t come to the profession of producing until his early twenties after a chance encounter at a local music shop. Within a year of that encounter, he would be in Los Angeles pursuing his goals as a producer.

From humble beginnings in a poor neighborhood in central Seattle, Kyle has gone on to establish his name next to some of the preeminent names in all of music including Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, Common, Jennifer Hudson, and legendary songwriter Diane Warren. With no formal music training, Kyle journeyed from unheralded beginnings as the organist for his small church back in Seattle, to the top of the field producing music for Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy award nominated (and winning) projects.